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The KIV67-000 VCSEL is the ideal point-light source for various applications wherever a large light emitting area is not wanted. Customized solutions with other chips and packages are available on request for high quantities.


Features and Benefits

  • Homogenous light point

  • Narrow viewing angle

  • Low power and High efficiency

  • For references on all mechanical equipments

  • Light emitting area 15um diameter


Main Characteristics

Operation Voltage: 2.1V

Threshold Current: 2mA

Slop Efficiency: 0.4 W/A

Emitter Diameter: 15um

Optical Output Power (@ 5mA): 1mW

Beam Divergence: 14-30 deg

Package Size: 1.6 x 0.8mm


For full specifications please contact us.


KIV67-000 - 670nm VCSEL 15um Emitting Area

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