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Temicon's core business is the development and production of nanoimprint tools, injection moulds, precision components and stencils with functional micro- and nanostructured surfaces. Since the company was founded in 2005 it has consistently established its universally unique technology platform in the fields of microstructuring, nanostructuring, electroforming and nanoimprint.

temicon’s innovative products have found their way into numerous areas of application: daylight management, LED and OLED lighting, display technology, solar technology, medical engineering, environmental engineering and many more.

We use lithographic methods, thin-film technologies and electroforming for the production of our micro- and nanostructures – with special focus on extensive patterning. temicon’s production takes place in excellently equipped laboratory and cleanroom facilities at our sites in Dortmund (core area: UV- and E-Beam Lithography, Nanoimprint and Electroforming) and Freiburg (Laser Interference Lithography of the brand holotools). Worldwide we are the only manufacturer that is able to create a sub-wavelength-structured antireflective surface with a diagonal length of about 90cm using the quality requirements of a commercial production. That is just one example that proves temicon’s global leading position in the field of microstructure technology.

temicon is a technology company with high innovative power and growth strength. We pursue high standards of excellence regarding quality, reliability and promptness. Our customers are our partners – in this highly innovative area we rely on establishing trusting partnerships and mutual success.

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